Write Your Erotic Journey through the Decades of Life

This is the start of a journey through your erotic history. You will write about each decade of life so far and imagine your sensual life in the future, one decade at a time, guided by prompts about each period. After you finish writing you’ll be guided to reflect on the full arc of your erotic life and tutored through the revision process.

Sexuality is a fundamental part of each of us, and every woman has her unique erotic history. Personality, family, religion, sexual orientation, and the social changes of the last half century all play a part. For example, those of us who were teens in the 1960s matured in a very different social and erotic environment than women who were adolescents in the 1950s. 

Only you can tell the story you are about to write.

With the class you will get an email a day for ten days. You will be guided each step of your journey by published writer, workshop leader and coach Stella Fosse. The entire class is completely free of charge.

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Your Host for this Class

Stella Fosse

Stella Fosse is a writer in her sixties whose erotic life bloomed in her fifties. Stella captured this surprising - to her - turn of events in short fiction, which she shared at the Dirty Old Women reading series in Oakland, California. She chose the pen name, Stella Fosse, to spare her adult children the embarrassment of a mother who writes erotica. By now the children are more or less resigned, but Stella keeps the name. Her latest book Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica After Midlife was published in late 2019.